Cavtat Dinner

One of the real attractions of coming to Europe this time of year is the opportunity to sit outdoors to eat pretty much any time. As a Monterey Bay resident, many attempts at outdoor dining require long pants, wool sock and a fleece turtleneck; you have to eat fast, before your food gets cold. But here at this time of year, the weather is warm, the breeze is welcome, and the pace is relaxed.

After our day trip to Mjlet, it was time to slip out of our salty sunscreen husks and find a delicious spot to wrap up the day. Perusing the menus and vibes of the waterfront restaurants, we settled at one serving bass and bream.

Our dinner opened with an aperitif of grappa, followed a cold plate of ham, cheese and octopus salad. We ordered a bottle of a crisp and refreshing Croatian white wine. Kate and Deborah ordered a bream and vegetables dish steamed in foil, deboned and presented at the table. The rest of us had bass. The food was tasty, and the wait staff was fun.

After two bottles of wine and a tasty dinner, dessert was in order. They had a special: strawberries served in a warm wine sauce. We ordered one strawberry dessert and one cream caramel, and five spoons. The strawberry dessert was best, hands down. I couldn’t resist, and offered my business card in the hopes of securing the recipe for our website at work. We’ll see if they actually contact me. But, after a little recipe diplomacy, the waiter returned to our table bearing five small glasses with an ice cube and a splash of their own limoncello.

It was a perfect end to our day at leisure. We hiked back up to the hill at midnight. We have a 7 a.m. departure, so we headed to our rooms amid great fits of giggling – what a fabulous day!

DSC00787Hotel Croatia: Very nice place perched above the Adriatic. Short walk to Cavtat and city bus into Dubrovnik.


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