Finding Our Way

Today, we will assess our route as we progress. The trip report we used to plan our trip had experienced difficulties finding their way through the creeks, trees and low brush while crossing the meadows above Ediza Lake. In retrospect, they suggested, it would have been more efficient to drop down to Lake Ediza, and follow the shoreline around to the route up to Iceberg Lake.

But, taking that route would mean dropping, and then reclimbing, a significant amount of elevation. If the route-finding did not seem difficult, we would try to stay above Ediza. Soon after crossing the pass from Nydiver to Ediza, came met a pair of hikers hiking out from Iceberg. They had taken the cross country route, and indicated which way they had traveled. This gave us the confidence to keep moving across the landscape above Ediza.

This watershed had much more moving water, and we made several bootless creek crossings. We started up what we thought was the right saddle, but when we reached the top, we realized that we had not traversed far enough. According to the map, it looked like we could hike up to the edge of the bowl holding Iceberg Lake, but we were not certain if we would find a way down. So, we worked our way down and around the next ridge, following up the Shadow Creek drainage out of Iceberg Lake.

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