After a leisurely breakfast and shower, we head back into Lusaka to resupply. We have only two hours of mostly pavement to drive today, so we are not in a hurry.

We find the Super Spar shopping center – how did we miss it yesterday? We park and lock the rover, and marvel at all the specialty stores. The first stop is a well-supplied book store: I have been trying to find a Zambian supplement to the southern Africa bird guides. We find some interesting books, but they seem mostly for children. We head over to the Super Spar – a good-sized supermarket. We pick up beer, tonic water, juice, produce and biltong (African beef jerkey).

We look for a coffee shop – would it be possible to have a leisurely latte? Not finding an independent shop, we go back to the Super Spar for their coffee shop. Their espresso machine is broken, so we settle for “regular” coffee. Although it is instant coffee, there was some sort of elaborate preparation going on, which made it quite tasty, but certainly not “instant.”

After fueling up – 6,999 kwacha per liter – we got back on the Great East Road, headed for the mighty Luangwa River. We leave coffee shops and grocery stores behind, having escaped all of perils described by the State Department. I wonder how their assessment of New York City or San Francisco would read, and if they would sound just as scary.


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