Urban Respite

After the hustle and congestion through Lusaka, landing at Pioneer Camp was a refreshing oasis. Although “pioneer” conjures images of rustic accommodations, the site was more like an urban park. An open air A-frame served as front desk, bar and common area, with the restaurant just outside. A rugby game muttered from the television, and several European languages could be detected from the clumps of guests. An expansive lawn area, shaded by trees, served as the camping area. A pool served as the first swim-able waters we’ve seen since Chanters in Livingstone.We meet Ann and Geoff from England, although Ann is actually an American expat from Ohio. We trade travel stories, and then retreat to our tent to cook dinner. While the background noise is more urban, this is one meal I can fix without looking over my shoulder for anyone hungry, besides my husband.

After dinner we indulge in a glass of wine at the bar and we send reassuring email to family and friends using the netbook we brought along and the available wi-fi. On future trips we will probably leave this piece of technology behind and family will just have to wonder whether we will return.

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