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Beijing Bites

Our dining habits were a bit hit-and-miss. After we discovered the cart just outside our “home base” subway station at Lama Temple, jianbing (thin pancake with savory fillings) was breakfast on the go.

Tan Hua Lamb BBQ: just down the alley way from our hotel, it was a great way to immerse ourselves in the neighborhood. Full video can be found here.


Beijing Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant: while this restaurant was a bit on the higher end, both cost and location (5th floor of a shopping center), the staff made nice presentations of each dish, while the waitress demonstrated how to eat with all of the sides. The dessert appeared almost like a bit of garden, with the mist rising from the dry ice underneath the plate.


Dali Courtyard: Have a seat, and dish after delicious dish begins rolling out of the kitchen. Tucked well into a hutong, drinks are available, and tables are in demand. A nice place to sit back and enjoy your dinner and dining companions.


Jianbing Savory Pancake Vendor: just outside Yonghegong-Lama Temple subway station, exit C – delicious and filling, and only $1; very popular with locals.


Steamed buns are always great alternative. We found vendors in every park.

chinese steamed buns

Photo by Buenosia Carol on Pexels.com