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Last Stop

We drove the June Lake Loop on our way back out to Highway 395. We stopped at the Silver Lake Cafe, in the back of the lodge store across the street from Silver Lake. It has a homey, family feel – and GIANT mugs of coffee.

The northern end of the loop’s lake is a reservoir, and the landscape significantly changes at this end of the loop. We turn on to 395 north, and head back over Tioga Pass and home.

Tiger Bar & Grill

After coming out of the back country, the second order of business (after a shower) is a freshly made hamburger. With the afternoon rain, the locals started gathering, hanging out and playing pool. It’s clearly home base for both locals and tourists in June Lake. Burgers were good, and the menu has plenty more tempting options.

Town Life

We got to June Lake in time for yet another downpour. We soaped away six days of sweat and sunscreen, and changed into town clothes.

The Tiger Bar was just a block away. Popular with both tourists and locals, it’s the gathering place in June Lake. Yummy burgers and onion rings ordered, we hung out and watch the ebb and flow of customers while we sipped gin and tonics.

Back at the motel, we watched television to see if we missed anything significant. We didn’t.