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High Sierra Trip: Crosscountry from Thousand Island Lake to Minaret Lake

The Minarets

After a ten-year hiatus from backpacking, we chose to get back into the High Sierra, but with updated gear.  With our new ultralight purchases, we enjoyed six nights traveling cross-country in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, with each of our packs weighing in at under 30 pounds, including fly fishing gear.  For the whole story, go back to the oldest post and read forward.

Moving On

We had considered adjusting our itinerary so that we did spend the night at Thousand Island Lake – the original destination for our first night – but the weather was holding, our energy was good, and the bears (so it seemed) were plentiful. By moving on, we would avoid the crowds, as we were now moving from an established trail to a cross country route.

We headed west to the end of the lake at the base of Banner Peak, and then turned south towards a low pass the would lead us to Garnet Lake.