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Rover – Steve’s 2-cents

I’m very fond of Rover. Our Land Rover never failed.

Now here in the US, Land Rovers have a terrible reputation. And in Africa there seems to be great rivalry between Rover and Cruiser.

Rover was diesel and diesel was actually more plentiful than petrol (gas). It seemed to be reasonably thrifty on fuel and fuel was expensive: 6999 kwatcha to the litre, 4800 kwatcha to the dollar, four litres to the gallon = $5.83 per gallon. We spent about $375 on fuel.

Our Rover was full-time 4WD. We used low range, low gears very occasionally, but when we did, we needed it.

We never broke down, we never had a flat. We never got stuck. We were lucky? Maybe.

Rover was low mileage (14,000 km at start) and well maintained. I also lived in Montana for 20 years and drove dirt often and 4WD occasionally.

The downsides of Rover: They just don’t fit the American physique! The steering wheel is very close to the door! And then the left side driving that means steering wheel on the right and shifting with the left hand! And perhaps our biggest complaint, they are not dust tight: at the end of a few days of dirt road the back is filthy.

Well, she may be a little dusty and need a drink of diesel now and then. And when she drinks she crawls around on all fours, but I luuuvvvvvv Rover.