We’re headed to Jerash for our last full day of the trip. But first, that good strong cup of Jordanian coffee from a roadside stand. It’s the best.

Recently discovered archeological evidence has shown that the site has been occupied since the Neolithic Age. The ruins of the old Jerash lie in the center of the modern city. We are fortunate to have the place pretty much to ourselves.

Various school groups were on tour, various ages, and segregated by gender. We got just a little taste of celebrity when two groups of girls descended on us like we were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Lots of smiling and nodding and selfies ensued, but little connection until the name of Salah emerged. The “hot” soccer player from Egypt, Mohamed Salah was the object of great enthusiasm with these girls.

The spectacular construction of the roads, temples, theater and nymphaeum were amazing. You could close your eyes and almost hear the sounds and voices from 2000 years ago.

The theater held one more surprise: bagpipes! Although we think of bagpipes covered in a plaid more commonly seen in the United Kingdom, bagpipes originated in Persia. Who knew?

The convergence of forms of dress and technology? Pure Jordan.

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