Environmental Art

Another morning in Zadar before we leave for Slovenia. The cruise ship traffic is less crushing than Dubrovnik and Split – real people live here, walking with strollers, small children, dogs.

We head back into the old city, finding our way through the narrow old streets. First stop was the post office, to find postage for post cards back to the US. There were at least five different lines in the post office, and each one of them seemed to require forms filled out in triplicate. Really, this country is joining the EU next Monday – did we really need to fill out forms (in triplicate) for stamps? Not many people spoke English, and none of the signs were in English. We divided to conquer, each standing in a different line in the hopes that one of them was the right one.

Then, I happened to notice that there was a walk-up window that opened out to the sidewalk. On a hunch, I gave up my spot in line and went back outside to the window. Sure enough, not only could I buy stamps (without filling out a form in triplicate), but the clerk spoke English as well.

Mission accomplished, we headed out to the end of the peninsula to hear the sea organ. While you cannot see the sea organ, the holes cut into the concrete steps that lead down to the sea sigh as the motion of the wind and waves “play” the pipes built under the steps. The swell, the wind, the wake of passing boats all change the tones that seem emit from thin air. It is mesmerizing to sit and watch the boats go by while listening to pipes.

Just a few steps away from the organ, a large circular array of photovoltaic cells are embedded in the concrete. There are smaller circles a little ways away – I suddenly realized that this is a scale model of the solar system. The array collects enough power to light all the lights on the waterfront, as well as providing a light show at night.

We could stay there for hours, but we have a bus to meet, and so we are on our way.

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