Packing Perplexities

We’re still 19 days away from departure, but I feel like I should do more than find my passport. I’ve pulled out my rolling suitcase, which has gathered dust since we went to Botswana in 2005. (I found a great convertible travel pack, and have used that for trips, domestic and international, ever since 2006.)

I’ve completed Stage 1: Making Lists. A clothing list, a toiletries list, a accessories list, an equipment list, a concert attire list.

Now, I am in Stage 2: Making Piles. Many of the items on my list are still in use, or will be used again before we leave: shoes, toiletries, concert garb. But, things like noise-canceling headphones, sunscreen, cash belts can be readied to avoid any last-minute rush. Sorting through my closet for warm weather clothing, I’m selecting only items that can easily be hand washed and dripped dry and still be relatively wrinkle free.

Then there is the weeding of the piles: can I wear or use this more than once, or for more than one purpose? Do I really need SPF 15 and 30 sunscreen? Will I ever really get chilly? An umbrella AND a rain jacket? How big does my carry-on need to be? Then, I remind myself I am traveling to western Europe – packing oversights are easily remedied with a quick shopping trip.

As I sort through it all, the plan is have the suitcase closed by two days before departure. Looks like I have a good start on this process, but I probably won’t be adding more until after the send-off concert on the 15th. At least I now have a good working list.

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