Last Lake

After the scramble down the class III spot, the rest of the descent to Minaret Lake was uneventful. We are clearly losing altitude, as the vegetation is lusher and trees taller. We find a somewhat secluded camp spot up from the lake, but near the creek. We are not far from the descent route from Cecile Lake, but the trees and creek noise screen out most of the traffic sights and sounds. As before, the clouds are gathering, so the tarp is rigged, but then rolled back, ready to set up in case of real rain.

We both rig up our fly rods, but whatever we cast: Adams, hare’s ear, even a Griffith’s gnat, the fish are not impressed. It sprinkled a few times, but not enough to warrant a retreat to our camp.

It is our last night in the high country. We have loved the landscape and the route. It provided a challenge, but not so much that it was scary. The pace might have been slow, but it was well suited to the weather, which went well beyond the classic Sierra afternoon thunder showers.

We tuck ourselves into our bags and hope the sky clears for one more starry, starry night.

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