Bird Sightings: Livingstone, Kafue, South Luangwa

P1010038White-breasted cormorant
African darter
Goliath heron
Purple heron
Grey heron
Black-headed heron
Great egret
Little egret
Cattle egret
Black heron
Yellow-billed stork
Marabou stork
Saddle-billed stork
African openbill
Glossy ibis
African sacred ibis
Spur-winged goose
Egyptian goose
White-backed vulture
African fish eagle
Brown snake-eag;e
Wahlberg’s eagle
African harrier-hawk
Southern pale chanting goshawk
Black kite
Yellow-billed kite
Black-shouldered kite
Lizard buzzard
Red-billed francolin
Helmeted guineafowl
African finfoot
African jacana
Grey crowned crane
Wattled crane
White-crowned lapwing
African wattled lapwing
Blacksmith lapwing
Common sandpiper
Spotted thick-knee
African skimmer
Double-banded sandgrouse
Cape turtledove
Emerald-spotted wood-dove
Namaqua dove
Black-cheeked lovebird
Schalow’s turaco
Grey go-away bird
Pel’s fishing owl
African scops owl
Square-tailed nightjar
Giant kingfisher
Pied kingfisher
Malachite kingfisher
Brown-hooded kingfisher
White-fronted bee-eater
Southern carmine bee-eater
Little bee-eater
Lilac-breasted roller
Racket-tailed roller
Southern ground hornbill
African grey hornbill
Red-billed hornbill
Green wood-hoopoe
Black-collared barbet
Lesser striped swallow
Wire-tailed swallow
Forked-tail drongo
Black-headed oriole
Pied crow
Arrow-marked babbler
Dark-capped bulbul
Yellow-bellied greenbul
White-browed robin-chat
Collared flycatcher
Chinspot batis
African pied wagtail
Common fiscal
White-crested helmet-shrike
Black-backed puffback
Meve’s starling
Red-billed oxpecker
Scarlet-chested sunbird
Variable sunbird
White-browed sparrow-weaver
Red-headed weaver
Red-billed quelea
Village indigobird
Red-billed firefinch
Blue waxbill
Green-winged pytilia

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