Finding Lions

Tea time comes and some of the guests are anxious to see lions. We are anxious to see lions too, but we know we will see them when we see them…or not. But, some guests are departing the next day, so Peter radios around to hear that there are lions across the river from another Bushcamp Company camp. We head down to the camp, where the manager graciously greets us, as her guests are out on their own evening game drive. Sure enough, there are four lions lolling on the riverbank, the same color as the sand. While not exactly an in-the-moment sighting, it is still fun to watch lions do what lions do: yawn, scratch and nap. We have another good evening drive, and return to another great dinner, minus the two honeymooners, who get their own private dinner down on the beach of the lagoon. Our plumbing is still intact, and the night is much cooler – better for sleeping. Tomorrow we walk to our last camp of the trip. There appears to be a bit of maneuvering – it’s not clear that everyone got the memo that we wanted to walk from one camp to another. No worries – we’re confident that it will be worked out in the morning. We pack up our clean laundry, ready for another morning on the ground with Peter.

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