McBrides’ – Steve’s 2-cents

Visiting McBrides’ was our idea and was not recommended by Safari Drive. They were probably right.

While at Kaingu, we had met two young women finishing out their thesis on the distribution and habits of puku. These young adventurers had abandoned McBrides’ after finding the camping just too dirty and primitive. Anxious to get out of Rover and go walking, I unilaterally (read: stupid guy mistake) decided to bargain for a ‘chalet.’ My logic was that instead of paying the camping fee and then the ala carte pricing for walks and boat rides, we’d pay a little more and have a bed, bath, and flush toilet.

McBrides’ is poorly maintained or perhaps deliberately primitive. Although famous for his lion research, Chris is colonial English all the way. He is nice, but odd.

Wildlife is first, guests are second. One morning Carolyn shoo’ed away a bird that had flown into the dining area and was snacking at the buffet. Carolyn was scolded by Chris for offending one of his favorite birds. And at every meal it’s important to get a plate before the ants swarm the buffet table.

On the upside, the game at McBride’s is totally relaxed and comfortable. Chris lives WITH the game. As Chris said about lions hunting through camp: “Isn’t it lovely?”

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