Fuel – Steve’s 2-cents

Sooo, we have this tank of a vehicle that has “long distance” fuel tanks. But we have absolutely no idea what “long distance” really means and we are about to turn off road and into the African bush. Even buying fuel in Kaloma (about 20 litres) doesn’t give us much of a clue because it has been level paved road without air conditioning. Rover has two tanks: 25 litre and 80 litre and the fuel gauge doesn’t start reading until one of the tanks is empty and we don’t know which tank drains first. So fuel is an anxiety; the best advice is to fill up often. [In retrospect: Fuel IS an anxiety. Our Rover drained the 25 litre tank first, before the 80 litre tank started to register on the fuel gauge. As Safari Drive said in their literature, we probably could have gone 800 kms on a full tank. But it would be reckless to try.]

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