Spice Trade

Spice stackAs we make our lists and pack our “must-have’s,” we decided that the pre-packed kitchen stocks from Safari Drive are too limited for our tastes. Having no idea what might be available in the markets in Livingstone – and for what price – I decided I’d like to take along some of my favorite cooking herbs and spices. The trick was to find a container to carry them that didn’t cost $20.

The solution? One of those 7-day pill dispenser containers that can be found cheaply at nearly any pharmacy. I purchased something just a little more fancy: small stacking plastic jars that screw into each other to form a small tower of jars. It’s perfect! My precious cargo includes cinnamon, basil, thyme, oregano, paprika, ginger and garam marsala. We’ll have the tastiest camp fare in Zambia! And, if we need the space, I can always leave the container tower and remaining spices at our last camp.

This made me think about the few things we’ve packed as small, lightweight, low-maintenance creature comforts. I can’t help but wonder if we are simply another couple of travellers in the long line of human history, carrying along a bit of home, and planning to leave a portion behind. I wonder if this is how the spice trade got started.

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