Choosing a Rental and Outfitter

DSCF3504We have no idea. This is our experience, not our advice: We surfed the web, read blogs, and ended up with Safari Drive. Were they perfect? No. Were they very good? Yes. We paid approximately $300 per day for the vehicle. The Land Rover we rented ended up being very low mileage (14000 km before we put another 2000 on it), outfitted for comfortable camping including about 3-5 days of basic provisions (you’ll still need to shop), tent, table, chairs, bedding, all the ‘stuff,’ GPS, and satellite phone. Safari Drive also offered advice, made reservations, provided maps, personally helped us work out the itinerary, gave us an in-country briefing on the vehicle, smiled and waved goodbye as we ground the gears, slipped the clutch, and disappeared into the dust. We ran into people who paid half as much but didn’t have the support, gear, sat phone, planning, or GPS. We also ran into a rental vehicle that had broken down and been abandoned, a vacation ruined. We were glad to pay more. But obviously, for those more daring, there are bargain vehicles to be found that could save thousands if it works out well.

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